Wild Rice and Mango Salad


I’m sure I have mentioned before how much I love mangos. But in case I haven’t- I LOVE MANGOS! So fresh. So juicy. So sweet. It is everything you could want on a hot summer day. But the thing is, mangos are at their best (in Canada) at this time of the year. And as everyone is well aware- it is far from summer out there. But I won’t let the horribleness that is this winter won’t stop me from cranking up the heat, peeling a mango and pretending I’m somewhere exotic. Which is exactly what I did this evening with this salad.

What You’ll Need

3/4 cup cooked black wild rice

1 Mango, cut in chucks

1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced

1/2 purple onion, chopped

cilantro (as little or as much as you like)

1-2 tbls olive oil

juice of 1 lime

salt and pepper


What to do

In a bowl, mix together the cooked rice, mango, red pepper, onions and cilantro. In a separate small bowl whisk together oil, lime juice and salt and pepper. Pour dressing over mango mixture and stir. Refrigerate for at least 30 mins. 

I served mine over a bed of arugula and added a few slices of fried tofu to make it a full meal.


Now if only someone would make me a margarita to really make these winter blues go away!


Tofu Fajitas


I was in the mood for some spicy food, but not in the mood for cooking something elaborate and time consuming.

Fajitas were the perfect solution!


I took the extra easy method and used a pre-made spice mix from the store. On the back were simple instructions that I followed while substituting tofu for meat. All you need is an onion and a bell pepper, some oil and water.


I also cooked a small package of one of my favourite rices (Vigo Yellow Rice).


Combine it all in a whole wheat tortilla, add some salsa and any other condiments you like, and voilà!

Dr Joshi Detox: Day 13


Breakfast:  Not the usual! I ran out of cereal so made an omelette.  I caramelized some onions, wilted spinach, and crumbled some goat cheese on top.


Still need to work on my folding skills!

Lunch: Was a small salad with kale, carrots, quinoa, feta cheese

Dinner:  Similar to last night. Brown rice, carrots, broccoli, tofu


13 days down, 8 to go!

Dr Joshi Detox: Day 8


Breakfast was the usual hot water and lemon, followed by the gluten-free granola, banana, soy milk combo.

For lunch I tried to be a bit more creative than just a salad, and decided to make a detox friendly version of the cold roll:


I stuffed the rice paper rolls with tofu, carrots, spinach and cilantro.


Though they weren’t as tasty as the ones with noodles, red peppers and a peanut dipping sauce, they satisfied me for lunch.

Since I had time to make a more elaborate dinner tonight, I wanted to try a recipe that I found awhile back: http://www.vegangela.com/2012/12/21/mashed-cauliflower-with-roasted-garlic-chives/

I prepared the mashed cauliflower a bit ahead of time, then roasted some asparagus, and grilled a salmon filet (ya, I’m one of those vegetarians) Here’s how it turned out:


I am experiencing my first big sweet craving right now, so might have a banana, or almond butter for dessert.

8 days down, 13 to go!

Dr Joshi Detox: Day 4


I’m halfway through week 1 already! I am fully into my morning routine of hot water and lemon now, and enjoy it more than I thought I would. For breakfast I had the same as yesterday- gluten-free granola, banana slices and soy milk. I think this will probably be my go to breakfast in the coming weeks.

Lunch consisted of yesterday’s Quinoa Salad leftovers- still as good the next day!

I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted for dinner, so looked at one of my favourite vegetarian restaurant’s menu: http://www.freshrestaurants.ca/eat

I usually get the Buddha Bowl when I go, but since peanut butter, cucumbers and tomatoes aren’t exactly detox friendly, I had a look at the other bowls. The Green Goddess caught my eye and I decided to try and put my own spin on it. Here’s what I came up with:


 First I made some baked tofu following this recipe: http://www.healthytippingpoint.com/the-perfect-baked-tofu

While that was baking I made brown rice (nothing fancy, just package directions), steamed some broccoli, asparagus, carrots, and kale, and made a tahini sauce by mixing tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and water together. When the rice and tofu were ready, I quickly made a scrambled egg, and sauteed some green onions and garlic. Then I threw everything in a bowl, drizzled some sauce on, and garnished with cilantro (my fave!)

I am finding my meals are keeping me fuller longer and I am a lot less hungry throughout the day- which means no mindless snacking, which I am usually a culprit of.

4 days down, 17 to go!

Dr Joshi Detox: Day 2

day 2

Day 2 is almost over and I am still going strong! I started the day with a mug of hot water and lemon, followed by a leftover mini frittata from yesterday for my breakfast. Lunch consisted of last night’s asparagus, goat cheese, lemon brown rice pasta. Around 4 I was feeling a bit peckish and as my bananas still have yet to ripen, I had a brown rice cake with a smidgen of almond butter.

That held me over until dinner time where I then took inspiration from another food blog I like: http://www.vegangela.com/

Using her Salt and Pepper Tofu Recipe http://www.vegangela.com/2011/10/02/elegant-salt-and-pepper-tofu/ I made myself this


For sides I made some steamed broccoli with lemon, roasted beets, and PC Blue Menu Quinoa & Chickpeas. It was very filling and flavourful!

I haven’t had any real cravings yet. In fact, I was able to go into Bulk Barn today and not even look at the candy or chocolate! But it is only day 2 so there is time…

19 days to go!