Dr Joshi Detox: Afterthoughts


21 days went by faster than I thought they would, but I am still happy to be done the detox. I hate to say it, but it really didn’t do much for me. I think I might have lost a pound or two- but that could easily be water weight fluctuation. I also didn’t feel “revitalized” or “re-energized”…I felt pretty much the same

Three of the main groups Dr Joshi tells you to cut out are caffeine/coffee, alcohol, and meat. I rarely drink coffee, and only drink maybe once or twice a month, and I am vegetarian. So going without all those for 3 weeks was fine (though I did end up drinking 1 night at a friend’s birthday).

The foods he urges you to eat more of like vegetables, legumes, and tofu are all foods that were already quite prevalent in my diet. I did feel better that I was eating more vegetables than usual. I also was surprised with myself that I was able to go without sugar without any cravings or headaches- I am a self admitted sugarholic.

Finally, what I liked most about the detox was that it made me really have to think about the food I was going to eat, and got me cooking in the kitchen more than usual. I will definitely make some of the recipes again, as well as stick with brown rice pasta, and as little processed food as possible.

I think the detox would really work for someone who eats too much of the non-detox foods on a regular basis and needs a strict, but doable way to cut them out. However, it does take a lot of work and prep. Whenever I had something to do, worked late, or went out for dinner I found I strayed a little.

Now it is time to indulge in all the great seasonal fruits and vegetables that are in the produce aisles!


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