Dr Joshi Detox: Day 16


Breakfast was the usual.

For lunch I wanted to make something extra healthy after my not-so-healthy weekend. Using this recipe I made this:


As you can see it doesn’t look as good as hers. I don’t think I made my sauce creamy enough. It was ok though. I have leftovers that I plan on eating and might try making it again.

My parents moved into their new condo today, so after lunch I went over to help unpack. Around 8pm we realized we hadn’t eaten and didn’t have any food. We decided to order in from the Thai place down the street. I got the Tofu-Asparagus Stir-fry, though it came with a sauce I am sure wasn’t detox friendly. I tried to eat as little as the sauce as possible, and I stayed away from the rice.

16 Days down, 5 to go!


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