Dr Joshi Detox: Day 14 & 15



This weekend was kind of a “f*ck you detox” couple of days. It didn’t start out that way though. Saturday morning I had my usual for breakfast, followed by a kale and spinach salad for lunch and some almonds. It was around 7pm that things started to change. I was in London, Ontario for a friend’s 25th birthday. I knew I would be drinking so had brought along some vodka with me (Joshi says it is the “cleanest” if you are going to be drinking). But my friends had other plans- out came a big jug of sangria- probably my favourite alcoholic drink. So i caved and had a few glasses of that.

Then we went out for dinner. I ordered a beet and spinach salad with goat cheese- that sounds fine, right? It would have been had it been the only thing I ordered. I am too ashamed to say what else I got but let’s just say it was deep fried.

Sunday did not start out any better than the previous night had ended. We went to a cute little diner for brunch. My order included poached eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. I didn’t eat again until I got back to Toronto. For dinner I had my leftovers from day 13- brown rice, veggies, tofu.

It probably could have been worse, and though I am not proud of myself I don’t feel like I’ve “failed” the detox or anything. My friend mentioned something she had read recently about a fitness instructor (or someone in the health industry) saying that they don’t understand why if someone eats one bad thing during the day they get into the mentality that they might as well keep eating badly for the rest of the day and equated it to dropping your phone on the ground, and then stomping it to bits.

So, yes I ate some non-detox things over the past day and a half, but I still plan on getting back on the detox wagon for the rest of the week!

2 weeks down , 1 to go


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