Dr Joshi Detox: Day 10


Breakfast: The usual

Lunch: Fresh cold vegetable spring rolls again

Snacks: Banana, Almonds, Rice Cake & Hummus

Dinner: Here is where things go bad. I went out for dinner with a couple of friends that I don’t get to see very often. In Dr Joshi’s book he talks about eating out in the Maintenance Programme Section. We went out for Indian, and I got the Vegetarian Thali which is a combo plate that included some dahl (lentils) aloo gobi (cauliflower curry) and paneer (Indian Style cheese), rice and naan. Dr Joshi recommends all of these foods (except naan) when dining out. However, it felt quite heavy, and was a bit greasy….and also totally delicious!

I will definitely be hitting the gym tomorrow and eating lots of salad.

10 days down, 11 to go!


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