Dr Joshi Detox: Day 9


Breakfast was the usual, except I bought a new gluten-free cereal which I like even more than the granola.

For lunch I made a Black Bean Soup using a recipe my mum sent me. All it is, is black beans, onions, garlic, cumin, chili powder, vegetable broth, lime juice and cilantro.


It was delicious and very filling.

One of my favourite recipes to make when not detoxing is a Beet and Goat Cheese Risotto. I love the flavours and creamy texture of it. However, since brown rice is the only rice allowed I decided to try the same recipe but with quinoa for dinner. I used the exact same risotto recipe as usual: http://www.onceuponacuttingboard.com/2012/02/beet-goat-cheese-risotto.html but instead of Aborio Rice, substituted Quinoa


I also added in a handful of spinach for more nutrition


It tuned out great. All the flavours I love were there, though not as creamy as the real thing. I will definitely be making it again, even when not on the detox.

9 days down, 12 to go!


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