The Last Supper


As you know by now, tomorrow I start the 3 week Dr Joshi Detox- no processed foods, no sugars etc. So I thought I would treat myself to a special meal tonight. At first I was leaning towards a greasy, cheesy, carbolicious pizza- 3 things I am going to miss-but then got a sudden craving for Ethiopian food. I only tried Ethiopian food for the first time about 6 weeks ago, but as soon as I had put the first bite in my mouth I knew it was love- the tangy, spongy injera (a yeast-risen flatbread) and the perfectly stewed and spiced veggies and lentils- a perfect combination!

My mind was made up- Ethiopian food it was! So my roommate and I went to Nazareth Restaurant (Bloor & Ossington) and got the Vegetarian Combo Platter (pictured above). All that food for only $10! The taste, quantity, and price can’t be beaten. If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food I definitely suggest getting your butt over to Nazareth asap! If I can’t convince you here is what blogTO has to say about it:


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